Post Christmas Candy – Teddy and Friends

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I always get lots of chocolate after¬†Christmas when they go on sale. The Lindt bears and rabbits are my favorite. They look so good that I don’t even want to ruin it by eating. The little bears are sold in a set of three and they’re called “Teddy and Friends.” It tickles me. >< I think I am just going to put them on my desk and stare at them.

The moose marshmallows taste like chocolate cake.









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A few students in my¬†school recently got involved with the yellow ribbon campaign fighting for democracy in Hong Kong. Being from Hong Kong myself, this strikes a very deep cord with me even though I haven’t gone back ever since coming to Canada in 1997. I’ve been following the protest since it began, and my heart goes out to my family and everyone living and fighting in Hong Kong.



Ming Pao also happened to use my photo for their article, though they did not credit me, or even ask me for permission to use it. :(