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I know, another post about brushes. Forgive me, they’ve been on my mind.

I  clean my brushes obsessively because I am a germaphobe (which is why I prefer to use my hands most of the time). I can’t stop thinking about the dead skin cells dancing around on my brushes after they’ve been used, and the bacteria having a field day, multiplying by the millions.

To counter that, I use a mixture of face wash (the makeup dissolving kind – currently it is clean and clear), and rubbing alcohol to wash my brushes almost on the daily for my most used brushes. Face wash because it dissolves makeup, and alcohol to disinfect the bristles (take that, bacteria colony!). When I dry my brushes, I elevate the handle so that the water has somewhere to go, and leave them to dry on a towel.

I used to use shampoo, but it made my brushes smell like the shampoo fragrance, which made me think that not all the product had been washed away.

How do you guys clean your brushes?

Travel With Me Brushes

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I mentioned the Anna Sui travel brush in last night’s post, a brush that can always be found in my makeup bag. This is a cool little blush brush that doubles as powder brush and contouring brush. I find retractable brushes essential for carrying around and I can’t for the life of me figure out why there aren’t more of them. Prior to buying the Anna Sui Retractable Blush brush, I was using the Too Faced Retractable Kabuki Brush, which I love just as much, if not more. What I like about the Anna Sui one over the Too Faced is that I can easily retract the bristles inside to adjust how big I want the brush to be. But in terms of fluffiness and dense-goodness, the Too Faced is definitely superior. Did I mention that they are both pink?

The other brush that deserves a mention is the MAC 316, a lip brush that has a removable silver bullet handle than allows the brush head to fit inside and be transported safely. I hear some people use this as an eyeliner brush as well, and I can see why. It’s almost the same size and shape (the MAC is a little bigger) as the Bobbi Brown eyeliner brush.

What brushes do you guys carry carry around in your makeup bags?


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