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A few students in my school recently got involved with the yellow ribbon campaign fighting for democracy in Hong Kong. Being from Hong Kong myself, this strikes a very deep cord with me even though I haven’t gone back ever since coming to Canada in 1997. I’ve been following the protest since it began, and my heart goes out to my family and everyone living and fighting in Hong Kong.



Ming Pao also happened to use my photo for their article, though they did not credit me, or even ask me for permission to use it. :(


Clean Clean Brushes

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I know, another post about brushes. Forgive me, they’ve been on my mind.

I  clean my brushes obsessively because I am a germaphobe (which is why I prefer to use my hands most of the time). I can’t stop thinking about the dead skin cells dancing around on my brushes after they’ve been used, and the bacteria having a field day, multiplying by the millions.

To counter that, I use a mixture of face wash (the makeup dissolving kind – currently it is clean and clear), and rubbing alcohol to wash my brushes almost on the daily for my most used brushes. Face wash because it dissolves makeup, and alcohol to disinfect the bristles (take that, bacteria colony!). When I dry my brushes, I elevate the handle so that the water has somewhere to go, and leave them to dry on a towel.

I used to use shampoo, but it made my brushes smell like the shampoo fragrance, which made me think that not all the product had been washed away.

How do you guys clean your brushes?